How to find the expired license of an item that I purchased in multiples?

I have purchased 12 copies of the same plugin on CodeCanton. When one of the licenses within that group of 12 expires CodeCanyon sends an email but it doesn’t say which one of the plugins have expired. The email says “You may manage notifications for your items from your downloads” but there are no notices on the download page.

How am I going to find out which of the 12 copies I purchased has expired?


Actually license never expired. License will be valid for lifetime. The email notification actually the Author Support expired and it is about your last purchased one. So, if you need author support you should extend the support.


Then my question will be how would I know for which plugin among the 12 the author support has expired? The last purchased one has not expired. 3 months remaining

if your support 3 months remain then you can get author support without extend the support period. when will expire then you can extend.

If you need to know which license has expired then you can check your statements page you will know which one when purchased and you will be bale to calculate the expire date. othwise you can open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Why is it so difficult to understand.

How can I find out which download is the one that its support has expired?

There is no way to see the license without individually downloading each license file. I have 12 downloads of the same plugin. It is extremely long winded process to download each file, open it and see if that is the license you need to extend support for.

yes, you are right. you have to check it manually.

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An excellent way to deter your customers to buy more licences of the same plugin!

An excellent way to deter developers to sell more support.

An excellent way to annoy all parties.

You should keep eye on page you will get the list of your items as well remaining support time instead of email dependency. As an author, I agree that the license management page is not in very good shape.