How to find removed soundtracks?



recently I faced with a problem, of removed soundtrack. I downloaded a preview, worked with it and once decided to purchase - guess what, it was already no longer available.

Well, things happens, I found another one, prepared VO with a preview once again… Today after looking for it in the market, I was surprised one more time - it is removed as well.

HOW IT CAN HAPPEN? It is really frustrating and if it caused by a bad review system, which firstly approves and then deletes an item… I am planning to outsource music elsewhere.

Be aware of that.

On the other hand, is there any platform, which could help search for audio files online, if you got mp3 on your computer? Maybe there is a way to find soundtrack elsewhere?





Thanks a lot!!!

Here are the results:

So it appears that VioletMelody re-uploaded audio and accordingly, it was deleted. Going to purchase the soundtrack immediately, you saved my day GeorgioRoss!!!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Guess what - another soundtrack been removed in the same way. This time - 6-Atomik-slack-jaw-jimmy

I don’t get it - why items being removed, after they been approved? AT LEAST, there could be a public comment, when you notice item is removed. That way, you would know if there is any chance to get it anywhere.

This is definitely worth implementing option, as there situations happens too often here, to be dismissed.


Seems like this author is no longer presented on AJ.

According to Authors FAQ: Authors retain complete ownership of their music, and while Envato prefer they keep it on the marketplace and completely royalty free. Authors certainly have the right to remove it at any time, once removed use/register it as they wish.


Would it be at least possible to receive direct this account contact information?

As listed email is not active anymore and delivery service fails.

Thank you.