How to find music used in video template?

I’m trying to find the music used in this template:

it would be great if authors would need to add a credit to the track and the stock footage used

Here is your video template audio in AudioJungle

Here is your chosen item author @UniqueSounds Contact link if you want you can contact

It’s actually mandatory!! Not crediting the music used in a video template preview is a breach of Envato’s terms and a great way to show how little respect video template authors have for music authors.

@CultVideo should know better!

I wonder how @UniqueSounds feel about having their music used without being credited.

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In the Videohive product page he clearly gives credit to the music author, so it is an Elements issue because it does not accept html hyperlings. Perhaps music authors should ask Envato to add a special field for that purpose. I can’t imagine a reason for a Videohive author not to give the appropriate credit.

The fact that the music is credited on Videohive is irrelevant and does not make it ok not to credit on Elements. They are two different platforms. You are right that Envato definitely did not make things easy with their “no link” rule. However, the official policy is still to credit the music (title+author name) without links.

We’ve been raging about this issue for over a year now.

Thank you for that! what a great tune!

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Thanks noodles, glad you liked it!

unlockdesign, thank you for the quick response!