How to find clean and MATCHING new business items, templates and print documents

I’m new to Envato and I love the range of clean, elegant designs available. But I’m finding that traditional items, minimalist print templates etc are not a priority - and there’s no straightforward way to find a package of items that is consistent and matching.

I’m just losing so much time experimenting with search terms and categories. Canva and others make this much easier - there’s a clearly identified range of standard business items and it’s easy to find matching packs of standard templates/stationery. I know this is a really basic novice question but I’m running out of time and would be so grateful for any advice.

If it makes any difference, I’m building a WordPress website for the business and trialing a couple of Envato themes (Read WP and Oliver) - and the other items incl logo, print list of services and prices, business cards, business stationery, email template, social media templates and the rest, are all still up in the air. Really hoping to get better at all this stuff. Thanks.