How to find a wordpress theme very similar to

I am looking for a theme that would help me build a very similar website as this one here:
Searching for the theme they have used I found oput that its the Hydro Wordpress Theme by Naughty Robot. But this theme as been discontinued (
Could someone propose a solution to this?
Which is the best alternative to Hydro theme so that I can build the website here ?
Thank you in advance

There’s a reason why the theme has been deleted. Even tough if you find the theme, most likely, it won’t work with the latest version of WordPress.

Thanks for your reply.
Why do you say “There’s a reason why the theme has been deleted.”? Just because it would have been problematic with newer versions of Wordpress?
Do you think there was some other reason?
Do you have any theme in mind that would work for the website

Thanks again