How to find a soundtrack title of a video

Hello everyone!
So, I’ve downloaded this video form Envato Elements but now I need to know what is the soundtrack used: Abstract Shapes Backgrounds, Video Templates - Envato Elements

I’ve already serched on VideoHive (Abstract Shapes Backgrounds, After Effects Project Files | VideoHive) but in the description there aren’t any credits about the song.

Do you have any ideas on how can I find the soundtrack?

Many thank’s to everyone help me! :slight_smile:

What a surprise! Another VH author who respects neither their customers nor their fellow music authors… what a shame!

@VSDream_Motion crediting the music is… wait for it… MANDATORY!!! FIX ASAP

@MotionRevolver why did reviewers approve this VH item that does not properly credit the music? We music authors demand answers on this issue!

@KingDog it’s high time Envato did something about this. Can you share with us what solution you guys are planning on implementing and when?

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