How to export my wordpress template and upload to themeforest

Hi, I’m new to both wordpress and themeforest so recently I had done a template on wordpress but I don’t know how can I export the theme folders like css into a zip I can only export as xml file. Anyone willing to guide me? Much appreciated.

If you want to submit items for sale here and the packaging process is proving alien, then, with respect, you probably have quite a lot of learning to do.

General submission guidelines are here and WordPress specific technical requirements are here.

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With all due respect but try to be more realistic about your WP skills. If you don’t even know the difference between exporting a site and exporting a theme then I am 100% sure your theme will be rejected, I do not even have to see it.

These are the basics you need to learn if you are really serious about this:

And that’s just the development part. The design is whole another topic.

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alright many thanks for the info

Fyi, it’s a theme I’m sorry if I didn’t stated clearly.

I understand you were talking about the theme, that was not my point.