How to export linear spline path from cinema 4D to AE?

Hello, guys!
I need a technical advice, please. I need to make a path for light layer to move over linear spline (with sharp edges). However, when exporting from Cinema4D and importing the aec file to AE the path becomes curved with smoothed edges.
Used linear type and different intermediate points as Spline options in C4D, but result in AE still the same - in After Effects the spline becomes wrong.

Using R16 C4D and AE CS6.

Hi there.

You can try to add more points to your spline with “Round” command. Select spline, Shift+C, find “Round” and give it like 200 points with linear interpolation.

Maybe that helps.

Increasing the number of points makes much better result, thank you !

No worries, I am always glad to help.