How to edit a logo in Photoshop?

Too bad the question is very basic, but I bought the subscription to use 1 logo and I can’t edit it in my Photoshop.

The instruction says that I should ungroup the elements, but that button is not enabled in my Photoshop.

I only see an image and I don’t know how to separate the text from the other elements, I see that all logos are like that.

I don’t know how to enable them to edit it.

I appreciate the help.

I send 3 screenshots of what I get.

If it’s this file Mobile Workshop Logo Template, Logos ft. apps & media - Envato Elements then it won’t work in Photoshop as this comes with Illustrator and EPS files.

Photoshop can open an EPS file in raster format, but you will not edit the image, hence the Illustrator file.



Thank very much.

I had to install Illustrator and I’m already editing.

A hug,