How to download video templates from videohive at

Hi there Envato,

Please help!!!

I am interesting to download many video templates at but I see the great deal from at the top of website so I made the payment for 1 month unlimited download.

However, I have a problem when I search at your website but I not found my interested video.

Please advise how to download following video in

  1. Dynamic Slide Show

  2. Cinematic Slideshow | Opener

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.


Hello @boonrits

You can only download from elements which item is available in

If item is not there then you have to only purchase from videohive,net

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Elements and Videohive are two distinct services/platforms.

When you subscribe to Elements, the Elements catalogue is available to you, not VideoHive’s.


Hi @anon76595093

Thank you for advise.


You are most welcome, Good luck for your work :slight_smile: