How to download The GEM theme update?

I received an Email today that says an update is available. The link leads to search page of Evanto Market.

I do not have account with evanto! How to get updates?
How to get a support for the theme I purchased (the gem)?

When I searched the theme before buying I have been looking for support option. That is very important.
As of today I cannot find any support email, chat or anything else for my 6 month support with the theme.
Do you call this forum Support Center?

  • You seem to have an account here but without a buyer badge? How did you get the item?

  • The links in the email will only work if you are logged into an envato account. I believe ( not 100%) if you bought the item as a guest then you need to create an account to access updated versions of the file etc. Info here.

  • Support comes from the author - without knowing which GEM theme it is we can’t link directly to their support but if you look above the main item preview image there are options including “support” with instructions on how to contact the author (there won’t be phone support and you will need to be logged in using the account which purchased the item or at least have the purchase code)

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Thank you