How to do it qualitatively so as not to be rejected???

all my business card designs are rejected, what reasons could there be???

hi as for me i like both but though u could improve a few little things in my view. In the white card , the global style is basically too minimalistic if u ask em and u should put the envelope graphic design wise, there is basically nothing much and think about it, even if this is harmonious , who would buy this card as such? anyone who can use photoshop - so the greta majority of potential buyers- would opt for redoing and saving money rather than purchasing as they would not save much time anyway and they would not need extreme technical proficiency to redo it … pls also keep in mind that for this one the logo is the most important graphic design element but it’s meant to be replaced … in a general way this is a bit too empty , to be honest. Icons are basic in addition, they are harmonious the way u made it but indeed, they look like photoshop presets and normally u cannot make it with such icons as for i know … i think that u should also pay attention about the spacing between the header “joe black” ad the block information under it … u should have the same space over and under the 4 squares and related information

i really lie the other one, though , i see a few things that i want to point at all the same … first of all icons are too basic as for the other card … the logo as such is cool but think about it , if people replace by their own , not sure this is the same , since it will not necessarily be square-like like this one and basically if the logo is spreading a bit horizontally it may be very small, not valued much and definitely not be a main element as it should be … the lines not going until the end are sort of original but indeed, i tend to believe that maybe the thing would be better looking and looking more balanced visually if keeping going to the end of the card … or may introducing another arrow could be the solution for this, not sure what would be best

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Can we work together? I will make the design and send it to you, you will correct the errors and upload to Envato. the amount of income will be divided. What do you think???
Can you Help? please, I would be very happy!!!

hi , buddy … no! if u want me to try to help u , i can do as soon as a i have a little time available to do this, but u post for yourself , my help is for free , i am not doing all this to get money … but , now here is how i feel , this is way better that u do by yourself so that u can adapt your style and skills to what is expected here , practicing by yourself is the best way , by far , as well as learning from potential mistakes or small misses

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