How to do an exact phrase search in the comments section for a template?

How to do an exact phrase search in the comments section for a template? Even if I put the phrase between double or single quotes, I get a ton of unrelated matches.

For example if I search for “Theme Customizer” (including the double or single quotes), I get all comments with the word ‘theme’ in it. I get results for ‘custom’ or ‘Customization’ and so on.
This is a weak and annoying search facility on the site.

It’s in my opinion just to use one word - so for example if I am searching in the comments on a theme I have bought, then I would type in (for example):


So in this case I want to see comments from buyers who have experienced issues with the theme or template.

In your case, without knowing which template you are looking at then I would simply type in custom

Yes it will return results on that word, but at least the returned comments featuring that word can be skimmed through quite quickly especially on a computer.

In your case, ‘issues’ is too generic to find buyers who are having issues. What about all the people who are not using that word and who are reporting an issue?

It doesn’t matter which template. This is an issue with comments section for any template. I tried to find a forum for themeforest website issues and couldn’t find any.

“Theme Customizer” is a specific feature for the template. If you need to know which template, it’s Velzon. I was trying to see if someone posted a similar issue. I am not going to spend a lot of time to see if someone did so I just posted my question.

The whole purpose of using a phrase in search is to limit the search results. It works with Google.
I value my time and effort. I do not want o go through hundreds of comments.

I can’t use ‘theme’ because it’s too generic plus the whole site is about themes so using ‘theme’ is useless. It could bring back most of the comments.

If I search for ‘customizer’, it brings back words that have ‘custom’ in them. Who told it to widen its search when I am trying to do the opposite and narrow it!?

Well you do have the drop down to the right hand side to show most relevant first, instead of newest. And it appears to have returned results including your own.