How to do a claim

What is the procedure to claim a payment? The author of the theme does not respond and the wordpress theme is not functional, I cannot use it.




Open a Help Ticket From Envato Market Help Center.

hope they will helped.


If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form.


I have done the process, but I have not received a response in the last two weeks.
Now it does not indicate the subject as purchased, I do not understand anything.
I have not received any response from the author, nor from the claims service.
Sorry to say, but I am very disappointed in the service.

The information on the subject is misleading.
It show a comment from rhetro 22 hours ago

But this user only as comments from a year ago …

And it does not correspond to the comment that appears on the main page.
I just want to show my disappointment. How can I trust that the content I see is real?