How to develop a dynamic website using an HTML theme?

For years I have purchased themes and “hacked away” at them (just modifying basic HTML) to give the developer a better idea of what I’m expecting.

But I’ve gotten the bug to peek behind the curtain and see how the magic happens.

Is there a specific course, book, video and/or etc you could suggest that would basically help me learn how to take an HTML theme, “meld” it into a CMS (or "framework?) and connect to a database to create a dynamic website?

Now I keep hearing about WP and if you were to tell me to use WP, I’d consider it…but I want to learn the nuts and bolts…I’d rather do the programming than using plugins.

Or is there no easy answer to this?

Thank you.

It’s not easy as you think and you’d need to learn lots of things.

You will have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and database to start with developing a dynamic website. It is not easy to do it and it will take some time.

You can start learning the PHP language and once you get the basics (and most importantly, if you will enjoy it), start learning about the WordPress development.

Good morning and thank you for the responses.

Time, I have…lots of things, I’m willing to learn…it’s a matter of how to do so efficiently.

All of my various business ideas involve a dynamic website.

For the past few years I’ve hired various outfits to take a theme and develop the website using Laravel. But it didn’t always run smoothly and the simple fact-of-the-matter is, I don’t have the money to invest…so what are my options…try to do it myself at this point.

Though I have some HTML experience, that’s it…and it’s very limited. Thus I registered with Codecademy and starting with the basics…HTML, CSS, JavaScript then from there.

My goal is to take a theme, “meld” it with Laravel and tie it into a database (which I guess in this case, is required). Steep learning curve? Perhaps but it’s always good to exercise the “gray matter.”

Thanks again for the feedback.

I am a WordPress developer, so I can’t really recommend anything else, but yeah, HTML, CSS and JS are the fundamentals you will certainly need before moving forward. As far as I understand, Laravel is a PHP Framework, so you will still need to learn some PHP. And if you know HTML, CSS and PHP you can jump straight into WordPress development.