how to delete my account on all services linked by envato

I’m tired that my projects are always rejected, apparently the only ones that are not of quality are those that evaluate the projects loaded, I have created advanced and pleasant systems of high quality but for the evaluators of the projects is still not in the quality supposedly, I have uploaded several projects and all have been rejected for supposedly not quality.

I need to delete my account, I will do better copetencia to this platform, more comfortable policies, I will evaluate the documentation of installation of the uploaded project, that each line of code is explained its operation finally put the project for sale that is the user who evaluates the project , authors will be pending, I will develop a platform with better tools than this platform, if we talk about quality this platform is in bad quality have to send documentation of product detail instead of letting write and upload images from the editor panel.

please tell me how to delete my account I do not want to have anything linked to this platform.

You would need to contact support