How to delete large sige of logo on LMS

Hi, Please help me to delete a logo from our LMS. I am using university theme. By mistake, I uploaded the large size logo on LMS. It covered the main page (Home page of website) and site administration (back end) and do not allow me to do changes at site administration. I tried to delete in following navigation steps in site administration:

“Inspect the logo- delete element (temporary)- go to site administration- appearance- theme- university- general settings- reached to logo”.**

.Every time when I reached here to delete the upload image of logo, it come back to the site administration. I tried several time these steps. I can’t even click on the site administration. It am completely stuck on dashboard home page can go further site administration, until I will delete the logo element at inspect view. Please help me to delete it.


Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support in documentation. If you have still problem with the theme then The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author.

Don’t worry just contact Author. Author will be very happy to assist you.
Also you can check your theme Option if you find anything related to the issue.