how to delete an item from a collection



Anybody know how to delete an item from a collection?


Click the folder icon - in pop up click the collection again and the tick icon will change to a + and it will be out when you refresh the page


thank you!


Hi, no matter which browser I use (and with pop-ups set to not be blocked) it will not let me delete items from any of my collections. I get no pop-up options, no tick icons, no + symbols, etc. I can delete the whole collection, just not the items inside. Thanks.


You are just clicking the folder icon (in between the Like heart and Cart icons) under each item right?

Try clearing your cache?

You could try going into the item pages and clicking the collection button under the file preview image and doing it that way?

I’ve just done it in safari, FF and Chrome and it works fine.

sorry not sure what else to suggest