How to delete a wrong review in my Item?

I have sold a Flyer template for Adobe InDesign to a Graphicriver user for 6. The user complains that they charge 20 to customize it, but that aspect is no longer my responsibility and that is why I consider the review incorrect.
The template works perfectly and can be edited in Adobe InDesign.

Where can I ask you to review and remove this incorrect review for one of my items?

hi, good luck, the only time that i have ever faced a bad rating, the concerned rating was much of a joke like the one u have here and they said they “could not do anything about ratings” though there was nothing true at all in what the guy mentioned … (besides, the item would not have been approved in the first place if the guy had had a legitimate reason to complain). However , i have two friends who managed to have ratings cancelled, so i cross fingers for u, i wish u are more lucky than i was :slight_smile:

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