How to customise the profile page

Hi everyone!

We just started to create our presence on AJ and wanted to customise the profile page. But we don’t see the HTML/text editor in our SETTINGS/PROFILE area of our page. Is this a bug or are we missing something obvious?

We have tried on firefox, chrome and safari. All plugins disabled (adblock/ghostery) and the problem is still there. driving me crazy :slight_smile:

Have you signed up as an author yet? I believe you have to do that first.

Yes I signed up as an author

Make sure you have all your tax information filled out as well. That may be what it is.

I already filled out information.

Hmmm. Strange. No doubt it’s something I’m missing. You can certainly open a Help Ticket if you like. They always know more than me :smile:

Envato Help & Support Center

You will can start edit your profile page after you purchase a first item or sell an item on your profile