How to customise the code generated by myigniter ?

Lets say we have 3 tables:

  1. “Student” table, which has all the details about student.
  2. “Teacher” table, which has all the details about teacher.
  3. “Student_teacher_mapping” table, which maps the teacher to the student.

When I need to create a form for “Student_teacher_mapping”, I need to connect it to “Student table” as well as “Teacher” Table to get their details.So can anyone tell me how to link multiple tables in Myigniter?

Also if i copy the code generated by crudGenerator and modify it according my needs, how to run that code?
Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Hello :smiley:

It’s possible that the author of that item may have some good suggestions on how to customize it the way you want. Here is there support information -


In case of paid support, you can contact me via the link below: