How to customise a themed page!

Hello, as of yesterday I purchased the Uncode theme and had someone recommended on the site to install the theme for me for 50$ etc which went fine. I’ve worked mainly on DIVI and now I can’t find tutorials on how to start building using the existing themes and making tweaks to it. I need help to understand where to begin to change and update a page theme to suit my needs. can this be done or is this more complicated than it seems using this Uncode? Need help

Try this page

Charlie, thanks… I have looked through this but it doesn’t tell you how to use and customize themed pages that comes with the theme one buys. I can’t find the place where images are stored, does one build new pages and then copy out parts, There’s no good tutorials to help guide you from the start. All i want to do is tweak certain pages to suit my needs. So either go back to Divi or find someone to help me understand how to do one page.

The theme is built using one of the most well-known page builders around

You don’t need to create new pages if all you want to do is change text and assets on an existing one

It’s impossible to explain exactly the steps needed without seeing the page etc. but it will be simply a case of finding the copy or image on the page in the WP admin - changing it to what you want and hitting save

I would like to use the Classic Agency theme for the home page and when I try to find the image files in order to replace them with mine, I can’t find those image files. The copy I can see and when I see a slider with 3 images I can’t find those either? So I’m not sure if they hiding in a specific area of the themed pages?

I don’t think they have hidden any specific area. If you go to uncode details page you will see they have mentioned in Notes:

The images included in the demo site are for showcase only and not distributed in the package.

For adding your own image please go to your wordpress dashboard then go to edit of the specific page as like homepage you will see they have used Page Builder. So please edit the page using Page Builder and add your own images in required places. For top banner image change go to slider then edit and add images there. If you are not much familair with wordpress backend then you can contact Theme Author. Contact Author because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality. Thanks