how to create video tutorial for my AE projects?

hello friends,
i am new here, i want to know how do i create video preview of my transparent compositions in AE. and tools and tips for creating video tutorials for clients.

I create a white solid under my videos and add the checkerboard effects to it, and then place a grey solid beneath that. Looks like the alpha preview background type pattern thingy (or whatever it’s called!) in AE.

For video tutorials I use Screencast-O-Matic. It’s not free, but it’s pretty good. There’s probably some better or cheaper versions out there somewhere.

My go-to option is the screen recorder provided by ShowMore ( ), it’s totally :blush:free and does not have time limitation. You can also create video tutorials by using it. To make the video vivid, you can add your narration and make annotations with this tool.