How to create Trending Design


I am new to graphic design and my question is how to create a design template that follows the latest graphic trends ? What is the thought process and any resources to learn if anyone can provide, it will help.

Thank you


I think that you can search in pinterest, etc trending design 2022 or 2023 for see inspirations (good quality) and also in graphicriver.

Thank you.


And I think you must be lucky. For example, my templates were rejected as poor quality items. I decided to send them again for re-verification. After this process, they were approved and had the “trending” badge a dozen times.

So I don’t know what I can tell you :wink:

Do what you like to do best and you will see for yourself what is trending and what is not!

Good luck :muscle:

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@BeyondMuse You can also check out the Author Hub. They have a whole section dedicated to trends and inspiration.

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