How to create the instructions file

I’m going to send my second attempt at mascot right here in envato.Fui failed at first. I would like to know how I should create this instructions file. Thanks and I await help please.

Hi @LuizMartinez! If it’s a vector/Illustrator file and it does not include any fonts, you might not need a help file. That said, and to be absolutely sure, check out the article below. Come back and let us know if the item gets approved, best of luck! :thumbsup:

  • You must include documentation to introduce the buyer to your item and its components. This can be a text file or a PDF. The minimum requirements for documentation are that it must include:
  • The names of the fonts used in the item
  • Non-standard fonts (fonts that don’t come with an OS like Windows or OS X) should include links where they may be purchased and/or downloaded.
  • A clear explanation of any special techniques used for editing the file, such as the use of smart objects, layer styles or linked images.

I am having another problem now. This text appears when I am going to uploud my files. I am trying for hours. Can anyone help me?

Please review the following issues that occurred

Image Preview is required
Thumbnail is required
Image Preview Unsupported filetype: .zip for file 'Image’
Thumbnail Unsupported filetype: .zip for file ‘’

You only zip the main file… not the preview or thumbnail.

And will it be that using windows zip works or have to use some program in in specific. Thanks for the help

Thank you my friend. I have sent my files. Now, just wait for the approval.