How to create the Crysis NANOSUIT voice effect?

Hi people!
I was looking for some preset, instruction, tutorial or anything that could teach me how to do a similar effect with my records.
Here is the effect I’m looking for:

If possible, I’m looking for something possible to do with Adobe Audition.

Give these a try if you can:

I am not sure if they work in adobe, but if you have speech you can easily run it through with a audio engineer or use a trial of cubase and insert a vocoder there.

From what I hear,
it seems that it was male voice,pitched down,doubled to create stereo effect(maybe Waves Doubler), it was EQued in mid range to make some kind of phone effect,also I think it was processed by plugin like Waves Metalizer or something similar,maybe there was added just a touch of phaser,chorus or flanger.

Thank you @NeroMusicUa and @RobertSlump
Well, dont need to be in Audition… just in a software I can use here in my home.
Also, if any of you manage to recreate this exact effect and teach me how to do, I can pay, like a audiojungle purchase for a preset.