How to create stories/series model in my wordpress page?

Hi guys,

Could somebody help me to create a stories “model” for my page? It means when I click at some icon/button, this is gonna show a list of media inside my own page. I just want to create a easy and fresh content every day and stories from instagram/medium series inspire me to use it as a model. Please, know that I dont wanna embed any code or anything related to instagram or medium, I’ve just used it as a reference of what I want to do. I’ve tried a couple things, such as use “play button” from salient theme nectar to show a image (I put an image url) but it doesn’t let the little rounded image appear in front of the icon. Could be perfect if has some way to use more than 2 images in 1 image at multimedia gallery. I don’t wanna slides. You can access my webpage: and check out the icons floating when you get in my page.


Have a wonderful day,