How to create responsive SVG in Ilustrator CS5.!!

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know, how to create Responsive SVG either (icon, background, small object) using illustrator.

I know the latest version of adobe CC are provide full (100%) scalable version supported by adobe. But is it possible to create full (100%) scalable version in lower version of Illustrator.

I want to use SVG file in html not for the design.

Please help me guys and do the needful.


Works same. You can scale the objects as you wish

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Thanks @ki-themes

I have try but not able to create responsive svg in older version, sorry but forgot to explain in my post but i want to use svg in html.

You’re probably missing one point either while saving the file or using inside of the HTML.
SVG is vector design and it’s scalable

@ki-themes thanks for your reply.

let me check and let you know.