How to create moveable widgets like the BBC

Hi Guys,

I am about to create a website where the homepage needs to have individual widgets like where the user can register and login then select from a list of widgets which then get displayed on the homepage and can be moved around to suite their preference.

Does anyone know how to do this or maybe wants to do it as a freelance job?

I would design and build the page in html first with all the widgets and would just need the coding done?

let me know if your interested.

It is drag and drop.

jQueryUI can do it:

I am intrested, you can drop a email to me.

Theres also a admin html theme here on themeforest with drag-and-drop widgets :


Hey thanks guys, we are in the early stages of planning at the moment but ill drop you all an email once i know more about what it is exactly we need.

Thanks again and ill be in touch.

Basically so just so you can have a think i will create the initial layout of the page in html and ill create the initial widget divs using html and css.

I will also create the panel which will have checkboxes for each widget and a save button so that the user can click which widgets they would like to see and click save to save and display the widgets.

Then what i need someone to do is build the registration system so that a user can register then login and i will need the coding to make the widgets movable within a contained space and for it to store and save the users preference.

So if you can email me with how long you expect this would take to code up and how much it would cost us then that will get the ball moving.

my email is

Semi relevant: I was looking at doing something like this and stumbled upon this excellent tutorial from NetTuts:

Ah thanks alot that looks spot on.

Ill have a good go at that later.