how to create hyperlinks in music packs

hello, im trying to create a music pack and in the description part i need to create a hyperlink with the name of each track and i dont know how to do that, please can anyone help me.

Go to

Then type the name of your track (uplifting whatever coprorate blah blah blah).

Highlight the name and press insert link icon on top right (it says “insert link”).

Paste an url of a desired track.


Uncheck “paste a footer to spread the word :)” option

Copy and paste your code to AJ desciption section.

You can also type in numbers before and after each track’s code, so it will look somthing like:

1 Blah blah 1:25

2 Blah blah blah 3:47

I did it that way.

< ul >
< li >1. < a href=“Item Link” >Song name: 3:00, 2:31 (Short Edit)
< li >2. < a href=“Item Link”>Song name< /a >: 1:28
< li >3. < a href=“Item Link”>Song name< /a >: 2:30

< /li >
< /ul >

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