How to create end products for resume templates?


Envato license states “you can’t print an image out as a poster and sell copies of that poster, as the primary value of the poster is from the image itself. However, you can print an image as a book cover and sell copies of that book, as the primary value of the book is from the writing/contents of the book and not the image itself.”

If l’m using a resume template, how can I create an end product that’s different and unique from the actual resume?

Thanks so much

Hi @Adriea. In the case of a resume template, the primary value for the end product would come from the information that you fill it out with. The template is used to make the resume look great, but people read that resume for the content it contains :slight_smile:

What you couldn’t do is sell copies of the unchanged resume template, either in digital or hardcopy format.


Thanks so much @BenLeong for the explanation. :+1:

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