How to create an text overlay?

Hi guys,

I recently started working with the Flatsome theme. Im making an affiliate page with image boxes. At this point, Ive put the text under the image. However, I want the text to appear when I hover over the image. I see hover options in the theme, but can`t find how to add text to an overlay?


Can someone let me know how this works/where I can find this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi guys,

Can someone maybe take a look at my question? Haven`t got a reply yet, would be great!


Hi @Maxderkinderen,

Welcome to the forums! The example you provided is ready solution that need to be placed on your website. You need to use everything you can find between <style></style> and <body></body> tags.

Style code has to be placed in style.css file of theme, content from <body> area can be used on a page. Make sure to switch page editor from “Visual” to “Text”.

If you’re looking for modifications to current theme structure, you may want to check Envato Studio.



Please message me here, I will be able to create one for you.