How to create a standard description?

Hey friends, recently my first item was hardly rejected :neutral_face:
I was facing a lot of confusions about how to upload an item properly and one of these was the most confusing. It’s about the Item Description.

I have seen before a lot of item descriptions in envato and every description is looking so good and standard, like in every description there were heading, linked text and many text formats that can not be without HTML tags. But the problem is there was no way to use any HTML tag in description box in the Upload page.

So I want to know how can I make a good looking standard description for my upcoming items.

Thank You.


But keep in mind that a hard rejection due to a description is highly unlikely. If there was something wrong with the description, but the item was fine, then you’d probably get a soft reject and be asked to fix it. Just so you know. Nowt wrong with a nice description though!

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Thank you for reply.

I don’t know why exactly my item was rejected, here is the link-
I think my item’s quality was not good enough for envato market, and I just wanted to know about the item description how to make it good looking, that’s all.

Thanks again.

Thank you for your reply.

I just wanted to know about item description how to make it good looking, that’s all, although I don’t know why exactly my item was rejected. any way … Thanks again :yum:

No worries. I’m not sure why it was rejected, I don’t really know anything about code and web stuff and the like though. Good luck!

Documentation aside the demo of the preloader is not very pretty.

The design quality is weak and the edges pixelate.

You did submit this to CodeCanyon NOT Themeforest right?

If you check any others for sale you can see they have attractive demos, multiple configurations and options, and so on some

With respect yours just does not feel premium

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