how to create a PHP CRUD operation using php function?

i would like to create a php crud (CREATE,READ,UPDATE,DELETE) operation by using php functions, and also close connection of every pages. I need your help? thanks in advance…:slight_smile:


I’d suggest you to have a look at PHP CRUD Generator: it creates the administration panel of your website with all the PHP CRUD Operations using a simple and user-friendly user interface.

Its smart engine analyzes your MYSQL database in depth: primary and foreign keys, all types of relationships.

PHPCG uses the best tools currently available to generate powerful administration panels with advanced features: all available field types, list filtering, integrated jQuery plugins, file and image upload, user management, rights and profiles.

The generated admin panel has a clean & well-organized code that can be customized according to your needs: MVC code using Bootstrap 4, jQuery, PHP Classes, forms are built with PHP Form Builder, TWIG templates to render the HTML views.

Here’s the Admin Panel Demo

PHP CRUD Generator

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