How to create a Mock-Up?


How Can I create a Mock-Up?

Do you have any Tutorial?


Look the example. :wink:




But I need this Technique. Please Help me.

With this Technique you can use a simple image and change all the design. Is easy?

stockindesign said

But I need this Technique.

I think you mean “Smart Objects”, a kind of embedded images in a psd file.


Right click on Layer name and select “Convert to Smart Object”


Smart Object is easy. My idea is create a Perspective and create this perspective with one buttom.


You can have the perspective transform tool or the skew tool to do it… but the problem I have is how to detect colors in the smart object in the main file… some thing like make all the white areas transparent…


A Single Smart object must be created and then duplicated if you want all the images to be updated. If you are looking at updating unique individual images you must create a new smart object each time for the no. of individual images/mockups you are looking for.


You can learn a lot about Smart Objects here: Those tutorials helped me to create my mock-ups :slight_smile:


Perspective Smaet Objects only work from Photoshop CS4

BoxedCreative said

Perspective Smaet Objects only work from Photoshop CS4

Thanks, I Know.

Thanks @CarlosViloria :smiley: