How to Create a Header Slider in Enfold Theme

I just bought this theme I am trying to navigate my way around with it. I can’t seem to get the fonts to activate either and the changes I made in the Enfold Theme Options are not showing on the site…I also added the PROMO BOX but when I click on the CLICK ME BOX it does not move - I thought this would give me the option to add a link for a free service or something. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT PLEASE!

Thanks a mil!

Hello, there.

This is general forum. To get support from the Enfold author, leave your comment here.


Please also take a look at their support forum here:



I asked for help its been a week now then I git a message from the enfold support apparently I am banned for giving them a 1 star rating for bad support . I am still looking for help

jasonwettstein1 said

I am still looking for help

People would likely be more inclined to help if you didn’t have such a vulgar image as your av. No wonder you were banned!