How to crate zip file to selling elementor theme on envato

Hello friends.

I’m creating sites on elementor, and now i want to sell one of ready theme on themeforest.
Can u tell me, how can i create zip file from this theme to download it on theme forest. And how can i do 1 click instalation for buyers. Maybe u can send me some tutorial how to make it fast without coding,

Not sure I understand what exactly are you asking. Have you created a custom WordPress theme you want to sell on ThemeForest? If that’s the case, you should start here:

Yea, i want to sell theme. But i dont understand how to do zip file with 1 click instalation for users

Well, you can use a plugin like this:

But REALLY make sure to read all the articles I’ve sent in my previous reply first before you start dealing with 1 click demo installaton or stuff like this.

How can i make theme online update for users and activation of the theme by envato?