How to correct title formatting for soft reject

I have a few tracks which need the title formatting sorted - I didn’t capitalise it properly.
So I can go in and edit the title under ‘edit item and tags’ - BUT there is no save option as it says in the email just ‘submit files for review’. Does that save your changes?
If you make changes in ‘edit item and tags’ and then go to description and make changes there - you can save those changes but it doesn’t save your title changes, they go back to how they were…? What have I missed?

I ask because in the email it makes the point of saying that resubmitting without changes could be considered abuse of the system.
Thanks Jonathan

Update description and at the bottom of that page you got the “save changes” button.

I think when you submit to reviewer in the edit item and tags section that saves your changes. If you just flick to item description, yes that saves your description but not any changes you made to title.

Every time you change the title it need to be submitted for review. When you’re soft rejected usually goes quit fast to get approved after you fixed the reason for the soft rejection.

So simply click on “Update Item & Tags (requires review)” and edit your title, add the reason for editing it, then click the “Submit Files for Review” button.

Yes got it - thanks very much. J