How to correct oversized images in PhotoMe

I have been using the Photome theme for several years and my site has always loaded super slowly despite attempts to smush/resize images. Tonight, a developer told me that the problem is due to the theme forcing full-sized images into smaller image containers and I needed to contact the theme developers to fix the problem.
I am a photographer and need my images to look great, but I also need it to take less than 10s to load my pages! Is this something I’m going to have to pay my theme developers to fix? Seems they should correct the problem without further payment.
Thank you for any help!


Contact with your item author hope they will help you out from this issue.


I can’t even contact the author without purchasing an extension for support. It seems I should be able to ask whether there is an error on their end without paying them.
Is that really my only option? I guess I don’t understand the point of these forums if I cannot reach out to others to see if they’ve had this problem.
This is so frustrating.

I think there is option you have to understanding the customization or you have to get in touch with WordPress Expert.
Enavato have freelancing platform Envato Studio if you want you can connect with some from there your issue will be solved.

Even you have any question about your chosen theme you can ask your question at item comments box.

let me know any other question.