How to Continue Support?

I’ve had my My Betheme license for one year. Do I have to renew the license every year? If not, how do I continue support?

If you need support from the author, then yes, you will have to renew the support (some authors may be willing to help you even when your support is expired, but that varies author to author). You don’t have to do it every year though, just when your support is expired and you are in need of it. Please note that you don’t need to renew your support to access the latest version of updates, those are alway available under your account / Downloads.

To renew the support, just go to your account / Downloads, find the item and you will see a “Renew support now” link near it.

But does my license expire after one year?

Only the support expires, after 6 months. Your license does not expire.