How to contact reviewer?

Hello Mates!

Recently I sent an update for an item, while approving reviewer sent me a message.

now i want to discuss with him about that matter… how to contact him?


One way is to submit item and add comment to Message to reviewer box (fast), other way is to make ticket via envato support ( slow ), third way is to send message via its contact form ( if it has on its profile page )

I think that’s it.


Thanks for quick response DJ

I already contacted him via his contact form but i am not sure whether he will respond that way or not.

I wanted to do fast method but i have nothing to update :stuck_out_tongue: atm

Well since update is approved you can sent support ticket, if it is something which is not critical.


Ok… thanks DJ

Well, I added a very extensive reply in the MESSAGE TO REVIEWER box when I submitted my second try and it was completely ignored by the reviewer so I also would like to have a possibility to discuss some issues with the reviewer before trying a third upload.