How to contact Monkeysan illusions Joomla web template

Hi, please advise what is the best way to get in touch with the illusion Monkeysan author…
I am spinning up a PSD multiconcept template website that uses: page builder v3.7.2, Helix ultimate template J3 v1.12, K2 v2 10.3, Jce 2812, sLogin v2.8.2_j2.5-j3. My hosting provided is Bluehost.

I am having implementation problems. During the install, after I extracted and uploaded the files, the Joomla environment was created and I was able to customize the database. The package may have been a quick start, however, folders with the quickstart name were not present. Upon entering the site, the error I am seeing is from the sLogin component, which is asking for a sLogin table. Instead of creating a table, I created a database, I don’t know how to create a table in cPanel. I diasble the sLogin component which enabled me to get to configure the template. Further, I would need some assistance in the configuration of the website, to include K2, sLogin etc.

Please advise.


Hi @Webby01,

If you download the joomla template from envato elements then please note elements items don’t come with author support. but you can try to contact them and request your concern here by posting comments:

If purchased from themforest then you can get support from here:


Hi Mgscoder,

Many thanks. Links are very helpful.

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