How to contact Envato when author refuses to fix a bug


Is there a way to contact Envato admins please?

I bought a product on Envato and have reported a major bug to the author on their support forums and after a long time with no response, they recently released an update of their theme and on the changelog, they stated that the bug has been fixed.

Upon testing, it turned out it hasn’t been fixed.
I reported this on the support forums and after weeks with no reply I was asked to send an email then I was asked to connect directly with a staff member who said that after all, it’s not a bug and that’s how the product works and that if I wasn’t happy then I should request a refund.

Can products where users suffer major data loss be allowed to be sold here?
Can authors plainly submit a false changelog on Envato with total impunity?’

I need to escalate this matter to Envato please.


It’s impossible to judge without more information but you would need to take it up with support

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