How to contact envato if the author is not responding, is there any way so that envato can contact the author to ask him to reply to the theme purchaser.

I just purchased an Opencart theme from themeforest and after installation the the theme successfully, I found an issue with the theme and I asked to the Author regarding the same but it has been passed 10 days there is no response from Author’s side.
How to inform to Envato regarding this ?

You can get in touch with Envato Help Team here:

Well, you always can contact support. But hey, if author is not replying to you, then he won’t reply to Envato either. Its not like Envato presses a magic button to force them to get back to you.

There is magic button called “BAN” :slight_smile: if envato want keep quality they can’t allow author behave like this.

Nobody is holy cow here :slight_smile:

“Ban” is not a moral thing to do. Majority of Envato Authors are freelancers. People who are individuals with limited liability. Anything could happen to anyone to prevent them from getting back to support queries. I know its frustrating. But Envato can’t Ban a user for maintaining quality. If you think banning could resolve this gentleman’s problem, I gotta say banning would make things more complicated than it is.

I don’t understand what you mean by saying that.

What is the problem you are facing? Could you share it?

That mean nobody is untouchable :wink:

Hi! artaweb
Currency icon on product is not getting update, after various attempts it shows default $ sign instead of my currency icon which is now mentioned as default in setting, but now updating at front-end level.

Thanks Bickyg, I have submitted my request there. Let’s see what happen.

Care to share a link so I can have a look?