How to: Contact author unsubscribed author / Upgrade the licence of an item no longer available

Hi all,

The envato customer service couldn’t or wouldn’t help me with this and suggested to ask in the forum.

I bought the ‘Standard Music Licence’ of some music on audiojungle one year ago to implemented it in a work for a client. It has been published and everything went as planed. Now, due to further clients needs I want to upgrade the licence to ‘Music Mass Reproduction’.

Unfortunatelly, the music has the status ‘This item is no longer available’. Not enough, also the author seems to have unsubscribed from envato/audiojungle. At least his profile has been terminated. So the only information about the authors identity I have is the previous envato profile name (Mafiosa), and the name ‘Y Ryumoto, Japan’. Google wasn’t helpful in tracking down the author either.

I still have the music file archived and don’t even have to touch it in order to be able to fullfill my clients needs. I only need to upgrade the licence. What shall I do?

Music page:
URL of former authors page:

Hello @mcvoss. Definitely submit a ticket to support and ask. But if the item is not available anymore on AJ therefore any type of license/upgrade is not available. I guess you stay with this what you bought. But maybe I’m wrong.