how to connect my android app to woo commerce theme


Hello Everyone!..
Can anyone tell me how to connect android app to woo-commerce theme.
I have to use same database for app and website.
which algorithm used for password encryption in woo-commerce theme.
Suppose user want to register from android app then it will store into WordPress database.

please help me to solved this problem.


Just direct the user to a signup page on the website from the Android app


but I want to do this thing from directly from application.(by web services)
not by redirecting signup page on website from android app

can you tell mi which algorithm used by woo-commerce theme to encrypt password and stored into database

Thank you for your reply


No need for an “algorithm” just use the WooCommerce API documented here and here


Do you have any calling or telephonic support?

If you have this facility then please give your support number.


Can any one tell me

I design activity in android for registration of customer.

can i store all details into word-press woo-commerce database from android.

I knew that i have to use web-services…

But word-press woo-commerce maintain If_usermeta table for If_user table…

if i use insert query for registration, then it inserted data into If_user table but not in If_usermeta table…

I am new In wordpress woocommerce development with android…

please help me to solve this problem

Thanking you…