How to complain about an author and remove his script from

If you purchase and use WoWonder Mobile - The Ultimate Combined Messenger & Timeline Mobile Application by DoughouzLight this script you will get with https: // large number of user feedback here has the same conclusion. This is a story full of countless Author of Lies and Deception. He has been refusing to fix a large number of bugs and non-existent functions in this script. Anyone can see that the author never stops deceiving users when making comments.

So please help me how to complain about an author who continues to deceive users, how to have a large number of bugs that are not fixed, and many functions are fake, such a script of extremely poor quality, be removed from


The operators of are requested to carefully investigate this author’s script and deceive users. This has seriously damaged the credibility of and caused losses to a large number of users.

Contact Envato support for further details and create a ticket

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This author will use clicks to complain about any comments that are not beneficial to him to achieve the purpose of hiding the real comments of these users. It seems to be very effective so far, because as long as he clicks to complain about the current comments, will automatically hide the current comments. This is very confusing. Totally unacceptable and extremely unreasonable. It robs users who haven’t purchased yet of the opportunity to learn what’s really going on, leading them to mistakenly purchase a script that has absolutely no value.

This method cannot contact Envato directly

I see your frustration on the item comment section ( your comments are removed ) but you need to solve the problem with Envato support. There’s no way to contact directly but via the ticket- therefor you will need to wait a respond from them.

In addition, do avoid creating multiple tickets would cause only delay and be patient.