How to Clear Image Cache of Item Product Description Page?


I’ve updated some marketing images on my product description page. The images are hosted on my server. However, Themeforest is showing old images despite that images have been updated.

I’ve tried changing the file name but the issue persists. Upon inspecting image tags on theme description it seems it’s been served from CloudFront. My question is how I force image cache to clear on item product description page?


A little technical question, but here is the answer, The object cache in Amazon CloudFront expires after 24 hours. you can control how long your objects stay in CloudFront cache. To change the cache duration for all objects that match the same path pattern, you can change the CloudFront settings for Minimum TTL, Maximum TTL, and Default TTL for a cache behavior. Thanks


Thanks, but how can I change CloudFront setting? considering this service is used by Envato not by me. I’ve linked images directly to my own server.


The above answer is incorrect.

Yes this is Envato caching, there are no CloudFront settings you can change. Please change the file names again. Save the item page description. Go back into the edit item page and confirm your changes have saved. Then wait an hour or so. If the images still haven’t changed please post back here.

The other option is to get HTTPS hosting and host your images on your own HTTPS account. This will bypass the Envato cache.


Waiting an hour resolves the issue. Thanks.

Nice tip about HTTPS.