How to Clear "Already Imported" Product Status in Woozone/Wzone??

First Thank You very much for replying to my question:

My Woozone/Wzone have imported around 500 products from Amazon but the problem is my Woocommerce only shows/displays about 300 products, and I don’t know where the rest of the products went to? (it’s already set to “publish” once imported).

And now I’m trying to re-import the missing products again, But the problem is woozone/Wzone won’t allow it because it shows that the items status shows “Already Imported”, so it cannot be re-imported again?! I’m stuck.

PLEASE, How do I clear the “already imported” Status in Woozone so I can re-import the same products again to show up in my woocommerce display??

Nobody knows how to fix this problem?
Can somebody please help?
Thank you very much in advance :pray: :pray: :pray:

Same problem,
did you find how to fix this?