How to claim a TV spot



it’s not possible to claim series/documentaries/etc. without a cue sheet. However, when your track is featured in a TV spot, then it’s possible to claim it by contacting your PRO directly.

What you need to provide to claim the placement is the following information:

Title(s): [Name of Song (last names of writers)]

Product: [Commercial/Product]

Ad Campaign(s): [Name of ad campaign]

Competitrack Code: [Enter competitrack code] (Optional)

Territories / Air Dates: [i.e. Ireland (July - October 2017]

Link to video: [Provide a web link to a video of the commercial ] (If possible. Tunesat can help, submit the audio file if you have one)

Your PRO will pass it on to the local Broadcasters and/or PROs. Keep in mind that it might take 2 years to get royalties from a different country.



You rock, Myke! Thanks for sharing this info with the community!


It depends on PRO. In some PROs it is possible but… veeeery problematic.